I’m Kristina Italic and I help women find their truth and rewrite their story. 

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About Kristina

Looking for a speaker who can empower your audience to get unstuck, unleash their power, and unlock their full potential? 

Kristina has nearly 20 years of experience across the corporate, clinical, entertainment, and entrepreneurial space, helping people to face their fears and bet on themselves. She’s collaborated with organizations of all types and sizes, such as Facebook, iHeart Media, SAG/AFTRA, Spotify, Georgetown University Hospital, and UCLA Medical. 

When Kristina is not helping clients become all they can be, she can be found traveling, salsa dancing and doing pop-up photography. 

Look no further than Kristina Italic, a Licensed Occupational Therapist, Bestselling Author, Founder of Evokebody and Life Coach who is a living, breathing “permission slip” for clients who are brave enough to rewrite their story and live their best life.

  • International Speaker
  • Life Coach
  • Bestselling Author
  • 20 years experience across the corporate, clinical, entertainment and entrepreneurial space


Featured Topics + Descriptions 

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 women experience depression, which is often undiagnosed, and that number only increases in marginalized communities? In this presentation, audiences will learn why the parts we hide are the exact things that set us free and make us come alive. They will learn how to get unstuck, unleash the meaning in life, and unlock their full purpose. 

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The “U” Trifecta - Unstuck, Unleash, Unlock


Featured Topics + Descriptions 

Did you know that only 5.2% of CEO’s are women? During this presentation, audiences will learn to be bold enough to believe in themselves, courageous enough to ask for what they want, and audacious enough to do it, no matter what. This exciting talk will activate the leader inside every woman, or anyone who has ever felt limited by a label. Here, all women have a seat at the table.  

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Permission Slip: Bold Enough to Be Yourself


Featured Topics + Descriptions 

Did you know that 4 out of every 10 people have regret at the end of their lives? In this presentation, audiences will learn to live with no regrets and take bigger risks. We’ll discuss how to leap before you’re ready, find your inner “yes,” and dream bigger. This battle cry will inspire audiences to bet on themselves, take a chance on their life, and write the story they want to tell.

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You’ll Never Be Ready. Bet On Yourself.